Britney Spears thanks her fans while “Hold Me Closer” enjoy from a No. 1 ranking on the iTunes Chart

It remains to be seen where Elton John and Britney Spears ‘ new unmarried “Hold Me Closer” will debut on the Billboard Top 100. On different ranks, however, the tune is taking part in some early fulfillment, which Spears celebrated in an Instagram publish later this week.

On Friday (Sept. 2), Spears wrote, “Thank you a lot to my fans for making my music primary for per week!


Spears is glaringly referring to each day’s Worldwide iTunes Song Chart (which tracks Apple iTunes Music Store downloads). “Hold Me Closer” reached No. 1 for the primary time. 1 and 26 August. It remained at No. 1 to 31 August. It took a few days within the top spot before returning to the No. 1 spot. 1 and three Sept. According to this state-of-the-art chart (September) 4), “Hold Me Closer” remains on the pinnacle and has been for a full 8 days.

Meanwhile, “Hold Me Closer” debuted at No. 1. 1 in Australia, no. 2 in Ireland, no. 3 inside the UK and no. Four in New Zealand. The tune is also No. 1 for two weeks on The Official Big Top 40 radio display inside the UK. For the United States, the pinnacle 10 positions on the Top 100 chart are generally released on Mondays. However, this week’s chart establishment may be behind schedule until today (September because of today’s Labor Day Vacation.

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